Photo Credit: Clint Eastwood
Photo Credit: Clint Eastwood

Claiming Your Brand Online

is a little like staking a claim in the Wild West days of U.S. History.

There are few rules and fewer safeguards to your online reputation. You never know when  you’re going to find wonderful opportunities or face down thieves who will try to take it all away from you overnight.
Before you can effectively reach your adoring public, er, target markets with your brand, you really need to be able to identify who they are, where they hang out, and what issues grab their attention.
With online reputation management, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure if a crisis arises. Having a well put together network is crucial.
Some reasons why you need to share the networked love of your brand in more than a couple places:

Easier for people to find you or your business

Social networks have a search engine built right into them for finding your friends while you’re there. Being accessible on a network people enjoy contributes to a positive sense of familiarity with your brand.

Improves your rank on search engines

Your name will show up closer to the top of the normal search results because it came from
different places.

Encourages a sense of familiarity

Being seen in all the same places normally turns to trust after people have a series of
consistently positive interactions.

Keeps posers from faking your online identity

Celebrities and public figures aren’t the only people who might have their name used without permission online! Any disturbed person with internet access and a grudge can create
profiles with unflattering pictures in your name. You can prevent this by getting
on those networks first, even if you don’t plan on being consistently active on
that network. As I learned from interviewing L. Lin Wood, a world famous Defamation Litigator for celebrities and politicians,
“it’s going to take several years before our legal system can address defamation issues online. It’s just too new of an area. Better safe than sorry.”

Eliminates risk of name squatting

This is a close cousin to the fake identity we discussed above. Name squatters are typically
happy to take money from you for the use of your own name, that
they got for free online. Beat them to it and save your time and money!

Need help pulling together a social network? Are you in a misunderstood industry or are there persistent negatives about you on Google? 

I’d like to help. People come to me with problems that the biggest PR agencies can’t handle, because of tricky issues online. Contact me if you’re ready to take control of your reputation online!