Do you blog too?

Whether you pour yourself into one, tightly written post a week, such as my friends Claire Wagner and Peggy Herrman do, or you’re more of an every week day blogger like me, who mixes things up, but always shares something from the heart that will help people to navigate the ever widening world of social media, you need to leave breadcrumbs wherever possible.

What are breadcrumbs? It’s my term for leaving a trail back to your blog.

Every credible social media expert is saying that it’s wise to comment on other people’s blogs. I read through at least 10 posts a day, often more, because I want to see what other people are saying, to learn new things, and to converse with others, where there are fresh ideas and honest sharing.

That’s good stuff!! It inspires and makes us better people. Another savvy benefit is to comment on blogs where people have enabled automagic, set it and forget it services such as CommentLuv, Disqus, and Gravatar. I’ll be covering each of these in the coming days, because I’m thankful for them! You will be too when you see what I mean.

Here’s an intro to CommentLuv:

In their words, CommentLuv is an “enabled sites search engine.” Basically, this means you can install their WordPress plugin, which I’ve been joyfully using for months, and/or you can register your blog URL with them. Don’t worry, you can experiment with this by

  1. Commenting on my blog,
  2. Click the CommentLuv box for a link out to your most recent post for all to see,
  3. Follow the directions if it says it can’t find your site.

No worries, here’s a simple walk through:

Step 1

Go to the signup Page:

CommentLuv Sign in Page

Step 2

The next page will look like this:


Step 3

Check your email account and Activate! You’ll be able to fill in some pretty interesting facts about your blog. It will help others to find you via CommentLuv and beyond.


Want to know if somebody’s using CommentLuv on their blog?

Look for one of these icons:

Did this help? Please give it a try by scrolling down and commenting here! No better place or time to get those Thanksgiving Blogging Breadcrumbs started!