This afternoon I’ve got to let loose with a good old-fashioned rant. I physically can’t bear standing idly by while people suffer and this issue has become a problem of epic proportions online.

I’ve GOT to help people stop sabotaging their own brands!!

Success or failureThis is what I see happening:

  • Loss of respect online
  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of time
  • Loss of energy
  • Loss of authority
  • Loss of strategic direction

Newcomers to social media are using it to “carpet bomb” people into loving their brand…


  • Wikipedia: Carpet bombing is a large aerial bombing done in a progressive manner to inflict damage in every part of a selected area of land.
  • Urban Dictionary (for fun): Texting every girl in your phonebook in a feeble attempt to get laid.

Would you personally respond to being browbeaten with the same thoughtless messages being perpetrated from every corner of the internet where you go to relax and unwind with old and new friends? OK, let me rephrase that. Would you get all warm and fuzzy and move closer to a brand after they’d barraged, carpet bombed, and basically invaded your world with all the same messages and images over and over again?

I distance myself from unpleasantness and I’ll bet you do too. Odds are good your target audiences are  just like you and me. They’re the same as most people you live near, meet out in public, and hang out with face-to-face.

They would rather be romanced, intrigued, or educated than bombarded with marketing schlock.

Unless your target audiences are the kind of people who love buying stuff from “screaming guy” commercials, posting the same things everywhere will hurt your brand unless you respect the medium where you’re posting.

Pumping self promoting articles through every social network, particularly Pinterest these days, is a bad idea. For one thing, Pinterest culture is primarily female, and top categories tend to be things like art, design, fashion, crafts, and yummy delish stuff. Already the invasion of the zombie marketers has commenced and my favorite place to hang out online is rapidly clogging up with marketing $%^&. It’s a turn off. I go to Pinterest to see things that refresh my creative juices. It’s the place I go to unwind a little between major tasks and drool over a new pair of shoes or a captivating recipe picture. It’s a playground for most people there.

Lori's BoardsIf you can tie your brand into captivating images and link to them, do it!!

People will be happy to click on your links and see what you have to offer. The trick is to use images that work within the culture of the social network you’re addressing.

  • If it’s Tumblr, you can get away with something a lot more edgy because it’s not moderated.
  • If it’s Google plus, people will expect to see content that’s mostly informative.
  • Pinterest is mostly about eye candy for women. Think women’s magazine. If you can tie your brand’s image with that then have a grand time and I’ll support you 100% by repinning your delightful images.

Your target audiences want you to:

  • Lure them
  • Entice them
  • Respect them
  • Intrigue them
  • Fascinate them
  • Make good on your promises

Does this resonate with you? Are you having some of these same experiences online?

Please share how you feel in the comments below!