Just say No :)More and more I hear from wildly talented, hard working people who are hitting the burn out wall. In case you feel behind the trend and want to catch up, here’s my:

Handy, step by step guide to making decisions that will fry your ambition to a crisp.

Let’s begin, shall we?

1) Promise too much for too little and then force yourself to deliver on it.

2) Be very, very nice. All the time.

3) Care too much about people.

4) Never set limits on your time, expertise, or patience.

5) Work weeknights more often than not.

6) Work weekends more often than not.

7) Don’t spend any time with your friends.

8) Allow fear of being bullied to force you into hiding.

Any questions? Have I missed anything?

I say ditch the time wasting activities and start LIVING your life out loud!!!! 😀