Shakespeare blogging

Blogging is the kind of thing that I used to imagine was only for news junkies.

The first prominent blog I ever heard of was the Drudge Report and Matt Drudge, the creator of that blog, certainly revolutionized Journalistic history.  Now most newspapers are on the run from bloggers and our culture’s continual move is towards getting our information online, instead of buying a newspaper.

Blogs haven’t just taken serious ground in the news industry, either.

Every major corporation now has communications experts who maintain blogs so that they can better communicate their company’s expertise, viewpoint, and corporate culture to the world.  No company is too small to consider adding their voice to the online conversations that are happening in the “blogosphere,”  because potential customers are reading them and making more informed decisions about how they will spend their hard earned money.

The key element to writing a successful blog is to write something compelling about what you know.

If your business is architecture, then write and repost articles (with attribution) that showcase your knowledge and expertise within that subject.  Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge with others and to dialogue with them about different things that you discuss in your posts.  It’s also ideal to follow 5 – 10 blogs in your general business.  Seeing what others are doing and saying stimulates your own creativity!  Everybody wins.

How to get started?

If you already have a website, then it’s advantageous for you to build your blog right into the home page, so that more people will see your site.  If not, then creating a blog with a compatible design that links to your website is the next best thing.

So I hope I’ve inspired you to at least consider blogging.  If you’re curious, here is a breakdown of the most popular sites that will help you to get started with sharing your expertise with the world and in so doing, promoting your business:  – Free, lots of design control, and you get your own URL – $49.95 a year, but you get spam protection and can invite guest-bloggers to your blog – Free, simple to use (I keep my personal blog,, on Blogger.) – records your daily activities on all social networks, a starter blog of sorts – Free, lots of design control, but needs to be uploaded to a hosting service

Happy Blogging!  Please let me know if this has been useful or what else you’d like to learn more about concerning social media.  Next post will be all about Twitter.