Phyllis Khare absolutely blew my mind just now.

While interviewing her for my Literally Social Show (to be officially launched later this month!) she generously shared amazing, crucial information for every business person online, not just authors. I feel like I’ve been served a grand banquet and get to take home a doggie bag full of delicious leftovers to savor again soon… And I’m a confirmed social media nerd.

In case you’re not familiar with Phyllis, she is a co-author of [amazon_link id=”0470942304″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Facebook Marketing all-in-one for Dummies[/amazon_link], Social Media eLearning Kit for Dummies (both Wiley 2011) and is a Fresh Marketing Ideas generator for authors, musicians, teachers, presenters, and business owners all over the country.

Fresh tips on YouTube that you can use today:

  • YouTube uses a completely different search algorithm than Google, so the same guidelines simply don’t apply.
  • YouTube searches according to title more than the description, so pack in your keywords. For example: The title I use for her Literally Social interview will be “Literally Social: Lori Randall Stradtman interviews Phyllis Khare on Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies.” It’s an insanely long title for a blog post, but perfect for YouTube because people searching for Phyllis, Literally Social, or me will all find it.
  • YouTube automatically creates a transcript for every video uploaded!! Who knew?!
  • You can then download it, edit through the many errors (She said there’s about a 60% accuracy rate and it takes 10 minutes of editing for every 1 minute of video) and re-upload it, thereby designating it as “captioned.” This boosts your YouTube SEO “through the roof!”


I am grateful beyond belief for all the up to the minute, powerful information and inspiration that Phyllis shared. And to Phyllis, THANK YOU!!!!

She’s also giving a FREE copy to a lucky commenter on the interview post when it comes out.

Do you use YouTube in tandem with your online marketing? If so, please share a link and tell us what kind of videos you produce. Thanks!!