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Here it is: My Official SEO Guide (otherwise known as)

How to Make Google Fall in Love with You

Last week I received an email from a highly specialized training facility in Jackson, Wyoming. I’m based in Georgia and didn’t have any close friends or clients in Wyoming. How did this happen?

During the course of our follow up conversation I asked him how he found me. You may well imagine my surprise when he told me I was #1 on their Google search!!


He then remarked that it must have cost a lot of money to hold that spot. You may well imagine that warm, special glowy feeling inside when I was able to tell him that no, I’ve never spent a cent on SEO optimization services. The research and my gut instinct agree!  Feels amazing!!

Lots of my clients used to pay big money every month in order to get a temporary boost in the rankings, and as I convert them over to an optimized WordPress blog and show them how to use it their rankings climb organically.

Here’s some complimentary consulting for brewing up your own SEO Love Potion:

  • Create your own content (writing, pics, and/or video)
  • Publish at least once a week on a consistent schedule
  • Respond to people when they are kind enough to comment
  • Repurpose your content on other sites as much as possible, within the established guidelines
  • Be a fan of other people’s sites and they will love yours too!

Any favorite SEO Love Potion ingredients you’d like to share? If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends!

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