In this age of Online Reputation,

  • Where everybody looks for you on Google before they agree to meet with you,
  • Where you can’t even consider looking for a job without updating your online  image,
  • Where cyber bullying can happen 24/7 instead of just at school…

How are we to show our real faces?

frightened little girl

How can we fearlessly reveal any part of our true selves?

How can we stop hiding?

And, most compelling of all… Is it safe?

Stick to a few topics that you can address wholeheartedly, like cooking, gardening, or sewing clothes for your pet ferret. We’ve all seen the pics on Instagram. You really have a gift there!

It’s easy to hide the best part of us, our humanity, behind a persona.

But your most powerful influence comes from the heart.

Do more of that if you want to make a difference.

And share more of that ferret couture with us. Really.

Ferret smooth thanks cdn and abc
Gimme some ferret lovin’

What gets you out of the closet and into the world in a more human way? I can use all the help you’ve got. Because I like to hide, too.

Even though I don’t design or clothes for ferrets. That you know of. 😉