Being Wonderfully Weird Works!

Life just keeps getting cooler.Merman Sven - guy in green mermaid costume posing by the seaside

Why, do you ask? Well there’s this:

This reputation building idea, obviously. What were you thinking this blog post is about? Gay mermen? Well, sort of. Sven here has mastered the art of building a reputation online so magnificently that an actual Disney illustrator volunteered to create a drawing with Ariel just for him!



Merman Sven With Disney's Ariel


Sven writes: “Now i’m a real #Disney character! Philo Barnhartone of the original animators of #TheLittleMermaid, made my biggest wish come true. He drew me together with #Ariel #Flounder & #Ursula. Thank you Philo for making me a part of Ariel’s world. I just love it ♡ #Merman #Mermaid#MermanSven”

And of course there’s this:

Merman Sven Thor
Hello Thor!!

As I looked at Merman Sven’s Facebook page this morning I was pleasantly struck by how many people just ENJOY this man’s obvious passion for his weird hobby.

Merman Sven combines a global trend for all things Mermaid and makes it all his own.Click To Tweet

What could you be playing with that’s wonderfully weird and has fun with what’s trending?

I’ll betcha you have a good time with people and with those busy little machine learning search engines.

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