Do You Need a Blog?

Picture this if you will: A highly prestigious Golf Instructor named Charlie King, who is so highly sought after that he actually trains the people that win the most prestigious event in the Golfing universe: The Masters.  Even with his impressive credentials the Reynolds Golf Academy falls on somewhat hard times because of national economic woes. The tightly knit community doesn’t want to lay anybody off, but business just isn’t there to support the existing budget. Tough decisions are imminent.

And then, for the cost of setting up a Blog, inspiration hits and Charlie gets busy giving away his precious golfing tips via video and written posts. Business turns around and even starts to thrive because of his blogging.  Everybody at Reynolds Golf Academy gets to keep their jobs and things just keep looking better.

Do you think this story Fact or Fiction?  Is it too good to be true?

I’m delighted to say it IS true. Just recently, during Social Media Examiner’s Blogging Success Summit, HubSpot’s Mike Volpe shared this  powerful success story about Reynolds Golf Academy. You can see for your own eyes by checking out the links that it’s true.

Stories like this cross my path almost every day. It’s the kind of giddy happy ending story that makes me want to encourage everyone with any kind of business interest start a blog and immediately share with the world what keeps them up at night because it’s fascinates them so.

Before we all get carried away though…

Let’s take a closer look at who actually needs a blog. Is it possible that some businesses just don’t need a blog? Or is this the latest bandwagon that everybody must hop on lest they get left behind.

Maybe you’re one of those people considering whether or not blogging is actually for you or if you might be better served doing something else with your time and energy, like a Newsletter. If you’re feeling this way or are re-evaluating your company’s blogging strategy this handy list of questions will help you to decide.


Why Not Blog?

– As in relationships of any kind, it’s not easy to fake interest.  And really, with so many fascinating people in the world, why bother?  If you aren’t genuinely, deeply excited about a subject…  You might not need to blog.

– Do you have the time and energy it takes to publish original, quality content at least once a week for the foreseeable future? (Yes, this is the “commitment” question that most people need to evaluate the most). Give yourself an honest answer because nothing’s more sad than to see somebody with talent and something interesting to say fail because they came out of the box all fired up, looked around and realized that only their Mom was commenting with “how are the kids?” sorts of remarks when they first started out.  Some people will face this and prematurely decidedthat it’s a bust and quit posting. Growth is typically slow. If you’re impatient to see clients immediately jump into your lap via your blogging… You might not need to blog.

Are you ready to commit to your Blog?Rings

Are you a people person?

Believe it or not, this makes a huge difference with how readable your blog will be. Sometimes analytical, introverted folks have a difficult time opining about products or trends because they feel more natural writing something more academic instead. Writing White Papers or special Newsletters might be a better fit for you if you’re this kind of person. If you don’t like the thought of responding to strangers who might disagree with your conclusions for no logical reason or getting online just to be sociable… you might not need to blog.

Are you an idea person?

You don’t need to be writing a bestselling novel at present to qualify, but are you able to think up new topics on a more or less continual basis and see them through to blog post publication? Some people freeze up because it’s not going to be perfect and struggle for topics that they’re sure will be a big hit. Even seasoned professional Bloggers say that every new venture involves trial and error. Are you OK with having to adjust as you learn how to blog about what you love in a way that resonates with your audience. If not…  You might not need to blog.

Who Needs A Blog?

Blogging away from the office is easier than ever.


Are you… Self-employed, representing a Corporation, a Writer, working for a Non-Profit, News Organization, or an Advocate of any kind?

If so, then blogging might all the sense in the world for you.

– People don’t look to the yellow pages anymore to discover who’s in business and how to contact them. In fact, many people report that, much as if a restaurant is empty or is untidy out front, if a site doesn’t look modern and have blog, many people will turn away from a potential business for this reason alone. Appearance has the power of reality, so it’s important to put your best foot forward online.

Having a blog site gives you the opportunity to share much more information with interested potential clients than a stale, static site. You also enjoy higher Search Engine rankings because if you’re updating with fresh content on a regular basis you’ll be more prominent.

According to Charlie King, the blogging sensation at Reynolds Plantation, “Learning to blog can be as daunting as learning to swing a golf club,” King said.  “In both cases, it’s not only learning the right things to do, but learning the things that are right for you.”

True words, Charlie!

Still have questions about whether you need to be blogging or not? Odds are good that you’re not alone and somebody else will benefit from your comment. Please share your questions by scrolling down and leaving your comments in the box below.

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