Samantha Bag by Zac PosenCongratulations are in order.

My client PaulaandChlo just graduated from a small time, quality handbag and accessories store online to something much more Glamorous. (I warned you I’m a lover of punforgivables, didn’t I?)

After being featured in Lucky magazine photo shoots last month, but then ending up on the cutting room floor due to some last minute edits, PaulaandChlo have made it big time by landing a placement in Glamour Magazine!! Two of the bags they carry are featured in their most recent issue.

Please join me for a round of applause and a look or two at their amazing purses and jewelry. I get no kick back on purchases. I just want to applaud them and share them with you because they’re the best online store I’ve ever shopped with. And that’s saying a lot.

When you order something it comes very nicely gift wrapped, with thoughtfully added gifts and you feel like a celebrity or something when it arrives at the door.

I know. I ordered an eye-popping Meredith Wendell red satchel and a goes-with-everything Margo Morrison necklace. They go with my yoga pants and t-shirts very nicely, thank you. 😉

Have a peek if you’re looking for a gift for yourself or someone special. They even pay for FedEx shipping in the U.S.