Myth No. 3 in “Social Media Mythbusters for Writers”

Twitter is too crowded for me to get noticed.

You may have created a fresh Twitter account, full of hope and enthusiasm, only to discover that only 3 bots and your Mother-in-law found you there. She wants her good china back.

One trick is to discover or to create a Twitter chat of your own.

Some great ones are #blogchat and #writers. Search for something really specific with Twilert. You can set a keyword like “werewolves” and it sends you a daily email list of tweets containing that term. Follow up. You can also go to twittgroups and discover or create a Twitter group that appeals to your audience. Searching for correct Twitter phraseology? Try the Twittonary.

Are you on Twitter? If so, what’s your account name there? I’m Lori_Randall.

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