broken tv in swampThink I’m kidding?

Look around you.

  • How many kids middle school age and younger are watching?
  • How many kids are paying games and interacting with people online?

Just yesterday I missed Food Network and BBC America enough to research my cable options, because these don’t appear to be accessible via HuluPlus or places like it. Yet.

And my middle schooler begs me not to get TV back at the house! Tells me none of his friends watch it and that it’s boring.

It got me thinking. And reinforced a bias I’m developing towards mass communication techniques. Simply put, I think they’re fading fast.

The genie’s been let out of the bottle with interactive communication online! Who wants to have a one way message beamed at them when they can be interacting on Facebook, commenting on YouTube videos, and making up fun groups. That’s what my kid does for entertainment. He swears “almost nobody” is age watches TV anymore.

I believe him.

What are your experiences with this? Do you think TV has a death sentence or do you think it will be alive and well in 50 years?

Photo Credit: Podcasting News New Media Update – Japanese are working on Linux TV killer.