During the final months of 2009, social media “superstar” Mashable predicted that by the end of 2010 Foursquare will be the most dominant social media application in use.

These are tall words, especially given that Google released it’s Buzz recently and that some of Twitter’s most ardent fans and early adopters, such as Tim O’Reilly are already migrating towards Buzz.

What’s so interesting about Foursquare?

The graphics are certainly less than inspiring, but I just love it because it gives me permission to share where I am throughout the day and to see where my friends on Foursquare are checking in. It’s GPS on smart phones run amok, but there are some interesting potential benefits in terms of marketing platforms and building customer loyalty by offering Foursquare only coupons to Starbucks locations, for examples.  I’d certainly take 15% off of a latte just for showing them my Foursquare coupon!

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