Picture this:

It’s date night and while yummy hubby drives us to supper I take a quick peek at HootSuite via my iPhone to check for recent mentions on Twitter. I know… nerdy, right?

Imagine my amazed delight when I see this tweet from none other than Goldie Hawn, the real live movie star (verified account) whom I’ve just loved since I was a kid. It’s directed to ME, yes, ME of all people and I can hardly believe my eyes!!


@goldiehawn Goldie Hawn
@Lori_Randall @TheTop10Blog @TheErinRyan @TheSalesLion darling the sweetness of souls ignites my heart! And thank you x
21 Apr via Twitter for BlackBerry®

A little background

I’ve been working my heart out on Pages Gone Wild all week and was lucky enough to get posted in Tony Hastings’ The Top 10 Blog… along with Goldie Hawn, who is not only a comedic film legend, but a phenomenal human being as well. She’s promoting and attending Newark’s Peace Education Summit next month. Whatever your political views are, solving problems peacefully is beautiful genius. Like her. 🙂

Isn’t Twitter Amazing?!

How could this have ever happened except via social media? How could organizing an event from little, weird Athens, Georgia reach The Dr. Phil Show’s physical training advisor of 9 years and Goldie Hawn, of all people? Now word is spreading on Twitter about Pages Gone Wild.

Our party isn’t over until the 29th, when I send out a post to over 100,000 people. It will feature pictures (and links) of all the brave souls who took on the challenge of liking every page on the list from their Facebook profile. It’s a long list. People are adding their pages to it every day and night. If you’re up to the challenge you’ll get more traction for your Page than you ever could by yourself.

Thanks for being so awesome and sharing in my nerdy Twitter stardust moment!!!