TiVoWhy are TiVo units so wildly popular?

Interpublic Group of Co.’s Magna forecasts that U.S. households’ use of DVRs will grow to 70 percent by 2014.  It doesn’t take a genius to see that most of us are tired of commercials blaring at us.

Have you ever been in a “conversation” where one person tries to dominate the discussion and demands your attention?

How much fun was it?  This is how most of us have come to feel about mass media.  Broadcast one way messages, such as TV, radio, newspaper, and even static web pages are a one way “communication.”  They project loudly and hope people will like it enough to respond.

Social media is different.

It’s a two-way dialog.

Right here, right now, if you have a reaction to what I’m saying you’re welcome to respond afterward and create a discussion.  Others might join in the conversation.  All of them will be real people instead of a glossy product.  It’s what we humans long for in such a mass media world.

I’ve designed this, my home site, to be a place where you can learn, be inspired, and share about social media in it’s unlimited forms and what it does for you.

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