Yummy Oscar Meyer Weenie Mobile license plateDogs understand what’s important. You can’t guilt them, wheedle, cajole, flatter, or otherwise con them into doing what you want.

But wave some real “yummies” under their noses and you’ve got a friend.

Want to build a vibrant, interesting blog audience fast? It’s the same.

Bring on the “Yummies.”

Before you harumph or laugh this off, please consider:

Human nature has a few things in common with canine nature:

  • We both like to have a good time
  • We both like to do something if “yummies” are involved
  • We’d rather be enticed than dragged along

Here’s the point at which your blog and my crazy (yet effective) dog training meet:

Every morning I go through the lengthy process of walking my dogs in batches. It takes about 15 minutes, all told, and I’m not always in the mood to stand there and wait on Mother Nature to get busy. They’re often distracted and take their sweet time and I feel like a hostage to their whims. One of them is quite strong and tends to suddenly bolt, which provides AM excitement. Not the good kind. Β All in all, it’s not my favorite activity because it seems so unrewarding.

This is how a lot of people feel when they’re launching a blog. You write good stuff. You show up and make the effort for your potential readers. But your audience may take it’s sweet time to build, to respond, and it might just deliver some surprising jolts. That’s not especially fun. Lots of potentially fantastic bloggers bow out. It’s just not that rewarding.

This morning, on a whim, I did something completely different. For breakfast I’d reheated some leftover steak from days gone by and it retained much of its smoky, medium rare goodness…. I grabbed some tasty morsels left on my plate, let all 3 pups out of their “rooms,” and then let them sniff those almighty tasty “yummies.” Then I tool leave of all reason walked right outside without a leash on one of them. This could have wasted an enormous amount of time and stress, giving away so much, but my instincts told me I was doing something right.

Would you believe they behaved like perfect little angels, took care of business, and never left my side? We were completely done within about 120 seconds, back in the house, and they were wagging their tails with delight as they received their promised “yummies.”

Shouldn’t we be creating content that’s genuinely “yummy” for our readers instead of trying to pull them along or wait on them to “like” us?

Bacon & Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bacon & Chocolate Chip Cookies: Wickedly Delicious

Who’s your target audience and what makes their proverbial noses twitch and tails wag? What can you give these wonderful people that will make them happy and (coincidentally) follow your blog?

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