Time Warp“Am considering switching from MobileMe to Google for syncing calendars and email via my mobile device and computer. What are your experiences?”

After posting this question on LinkedIn, Facebook, AND Twitter last week the consensus is CLEAR.

Go with Google! It’s free. There’s unlimited storage and hardly a hiccup once you set it up.

Want a Facebook Events syncing secret weapon? Scroll down after the video.

So – Are you ready to do the “Time Sync?”

Justin Stone-Diaz, fabulous friend and techno buddy, also shared this secret weapon with me for syncing Facebook Events, which I found to be very cool:

Well the things I’m using: Tungle.me as HUB of Calendar systems.. it allows you to schedule meetings and allow others to suggest times..

The thing I like is that it syncs with most major systems especially Facebook Events. Pulls in all your known plans so you don’t double book or over extend yourself. Tungle allows you to set biz hours when you are available..

It’s a little hard to get clients comfortable with the email process but I always explain that the only way I am able to offer my services at such good rates is because I use such time saving systems..

It also functions as an interface training for computer newbies & lead filtration. I won’t take a new client if they can’t figure out the system.. The ones that can’t figure it out it gives you a snapshot of how they react when hitting the tech wall. Very useful knowledge if they want to be in a long term tech relationship. 🙂

With Tungle you can connect with Plancast which I adore for event amplification.. It’s my favorite softs ale and announcements of the events I’m attending/ holding. There is is a Plancast email signature plug in that slips your upcoming event.. People can follow up on the event & I don’t end up being apart of the ‘ATTEND ME’ craze going on especially on Facebook.

Do make sure to clean up Cals before you connect to Tungle.me or create a practice account.