As I’ve sat here this morning reading up to the minute news about Twitter and reflecting on my own experience there, something remarkably simple has come to light.

Almost NOBODY is actually using Twitter to SOCIALIZE!!

Not even a little bit!! According to CNNMoney, “Twitter may be a fast-growing social network, but most of its 50 million accounts merely follow other users rather than posting their own messages.” They continue with “As of December 2009, only 21% of Twitter account holders were … ‘true users,’ meaning someone who has at least 10 followers, follows at least 10 people, and has tweeted at least 10 times.” That’s nothing!!

Why is this important? Because it makes it that much easier for your authentic, actual voice to be heard above the commercials. People can spot a pre-packaged fake.

Cocktails, anyone?
Twitter, anyone?

One morning a few months back I was getting my daily creative inspiration fix from some designers I follow. One of these people is Calvin Lee, a huge figure in Social Media with over 44,000 followers. He’s a “self proclaimed media ho.” And I say that with love. He’s real, personable, and actually, really interacts with people and tweets things that are interesting, entertaining, and informative, as well as – you know – sociable! And his professional success is astonishing!!

That morning he asked if anybody, just anybody actually real was out there “listening” or if every post on there was just a scheduled newsfeed sort of tweet. When I answered back that I’m real, that my posts are mostly 100% free-range, organic, real – I made a friend.

Believe it or not, the success in social media comes from being (eek!) sociable.

There’s nothing wrong with telling people what you do for a living via Twitter. When I consult with business owners, I often write up a series of “starter tweets,” to get them on their way, but it’s so much more effective to spend a moment just relating to people who interest you and who respond to your tweets. I’ve made really interesting friends half way across the world that I never would have met. That’s the beauty of social media.

To me, it feels like one giant cocktail party that I don’t have to get all dressed up for and can come and go as I please. Now that’s just straight out fun in my opinion.