richard-guha“Lori is incredibly knowledgeable about Reputation Management. I read her book expecting to learn something, but since I am fairly aware of reputation management online I did not expect to have to transform my perspective so much. She taught me something on almost every page. She combines knowledge of the tools with expertise in the process. Anyone following her prescription could not fail to benefit from it. She is also a wonderful coach, adviser and consultant.”

Richard Guha, President, Synerscope North America




Mary Jane Walker
Mary Jane Walker

“In these rapidly evolving times, Lori provides expert analysis, action plans, and training that is top notch. I recommend her without hesitation to any start up or nonprofit that wants expert help managing online executive visibility, thought leadership platforms, reputation building, crisis and issues management, and organizational social media policy.”

Mary Jane Walker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Healthcare at Weber Shandwick


Donnetta Campbell at Womens Leaders Forum
Donnetta Campbell at Womens Leaders Forum


“It’s such a pleasure working with Lori! She thoughtfully interviewed my clients for the most accurate information possible and then tailored a strategy that fits their needs exactly, both now and in the future as they continue to grow. I look forward to working with her regularly and recommend her to anybody looking to create a solid social media/crisis management strategy and training for their organization.”

Donnetta Campbell, Chief Innovation Officer of The Barn Yard Group Digital Media Agency, serving Fortune 500 companies





dr. edy portmann“As a preliminary point, I would like to thank for your interesting book ‘Online Reputation Management’ that I read just now. This book is, in my humble opinion, truly profound researched and really appealing presented. After a reading, one has indeed a comprehensive overview of online reputation management. 

My name is Edy Portmann, and I am a postdoc at UC Berkeley (USA). Funded by the Swiss NSF, I am working on the intersection of explorative searches, mediamatics (i.e., media and informatics), and soft computing. If you like, you can find more information about me here:

Built on social media data, for my Ph.D. thesis at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland), I developed a framework for a future semantic online reputation management.”

Shashi Bellamkonda ~ Network Solutions
Shashi Bellamkonda ~ Network Solutions

“I met Lori Randall Stradtman at South by Southwest Interactive for the first time offline, even though I had been following her on Twitter and her blog posts on new media. She shared that this book Online Reputation Management For Dummies was in the works. I had a chance to introduce to her the workNetwork Solutions (a service) had done in using new media, and I am excited that our 10 approaches that contributed to our social media success form part of the book. I was also happy to receive a review copy of the book for my collection.

The book Online Reputation Management For Dummies by Lori Randall Stradtman could be a handbook for an enterprise that is beginning to focus on online reputation management and for social media managers who want to correct any gaps.

I fully agree with Randall Stradtman on the concept of “familiarity bias,” probably used more in investing and stocks, but in this case as Randall Stradtman says, “People will feel more comfortable about you and your brand when you make them believe that they have more in common with you,” . . . and on another page, the notion that proximity builds trust, the idea that people in the same community are more comfortable engaging there than elsewhere. I have learned this through several personal experiences. Randall Stradtman advises that all brands claim their name in as many places as possible to prevent squatters from taking advantage.”

This book is required reading for anyone who is dipping their pinkie into the any portion of the web whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest, Myspace or just noodling around. For those who are working it for

Stevie Wilson
Stevie Wilso

themselves or for clients–regardless of your professional level– this book should be on your shelf.

For someone like me who has been online for over 15 years, I know what online reputation management is and have had instances when I had to contact attorneys, corporate entertainment vice presidents of both legal and operations to get them to understand that reputation is everything and that you can’t walk away from a site, forum, or even a profile and leave it unmonitored– because someone’s bound to get hurt (namely private citizens as well as myself). Essentially at the time of these encounters, internet law didn’t exist and I was potentially the second case that would have gone to court when we finally got the situation settled. Lucky for me it did get worked out — because internet law was vague, obscure and non-existent– and the battle would have been costly, but I would have won in the long run if only because I am doggedly persistent and great at research.

Today, things are entirely different and you (yeah you on the other side of this screen,) you have some help here that doesn’t cost you much other than some time and highlighting– except you might wind up highlighting the entire book.Online Reputation Management for Dummies is one of the best books around and it’s just out on shelves now for you to sink your eyeballs (as well as fangs) to get a bit of life-blood percolating in your brain about what you need to do to suss out your online reputation status; how to continually monitor it; how to work it to your advantage– and how to save it should your rep start circling the drain due to an attack or mistaken move on your part.

Kelly ~ Centsible Life Blogger
Kelly ~ Centsible Life Blogger

To start Lori shares this gem, online reputation management is “a system of behavior that actually creates positive opportunities for your business {or you} that never would have existed.” It’s true that managing your reputation also provides chances to respond to negative criticism, however, the shift to swift response via social media to concerns and praise offers much more positive opportunities…

This book is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about personal reputation management, or is engaged in or interested in being a part of social media on behalf of their business, brand, or job. While I offer consultations and have gathered much of the knowledge shared after years in the trenches, the book would have been extremely helpful to get me started in the right direction, as well as provided a resource you can turn to anytime you have questions. While it is definitely geared towards beginners, I think there is value in this book for anyone who manages social media-simply because the approach is so straighforward, frank, and fun.

I especially like the tips that pepper the book, as well as the profiles of a people, businesses, and brands in social media. And of course the ‘ten’ lists were a great quick and fun read.”


I’ve been online for years, and am am the member of a good number of groups dedicated to blogging or social media, but Stradtman’s book still has tips and tools I didn’t know about.  For that alone, it’s a valuable resource.  She cleared up a number of questions I had about HootSuite, and introduced me to Yahoo! Pipes.  She reviews lots of information about finding, using, and sharing images, including how to do it without copyright violation.  She provides actual case studies of situations of  online reputation damage control and creating excitement for new products and launches, and gives examples of how to write and manage content for greater impact.

Not only does she provide step by step instructions for what to do your name (or your brand or your business) is flamed and sullied – whether or not you are to blame – she gives valuable tips into protecting your privacy.  While this is not a book dedicated to Facebook, she gives you plenty of information on how to keep you secure there, as well as elsewhere on the web.  For example, did you know that it’s better to sign up for a website using a Facebook plugin, rather than entering and email and password?  It turns out that big companies like Facebook are better at protecting your data than a small company managing a database.””One PR rep or one employee makes an unfortunate comment and the social media streams go crazy. Now what? Are you prepared to deal with situation?


Ellen Christian ~ confessionsofanoverworkedmom
Ellen Christian


The book refers you to many different websites (both free and paid) that you can use to accomplish this goal.  While part of the book is most appropriate for a business or larger blog with a team of workers, a majority of the book can easily be used as a tool by bloggers who see their blog as a business. You don’t need to have a great amount of technical knowledge to follow this book.  The author shows you step by step what you need to do and what sites you can visit to accomplish your objectives. Whether you’re just beginning to consider online reputation management or you need to respond to changes to your online reputation, this book is definitely a great way to get started.


“Foremost, this book is a great resource for anyone who is interested in protecting their privacy and reputation online. This involves ensuring the right content appears when people look either you or your

Kristi ~ MomsOwnWords
Kristi ~ MomsOwnWords

brand up in the search engines, or on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Learn how to remove your confidential information from sites like Yahoo White Pages. Get up to the minute info. on protecting your privacy on Facebook. Beware of “frictionless sharing” which is when your activity appears on timelines like Facebook and Pinterest. (Maybe you don’t want folks to know about the unpleasant medical conditions that you looked up!) I found excellent advice on creating “super-safe” passwords and how to store them safely. Portions of the book are focused on establishing online reputation management for businesses. The author discusses the process of how to set up crisis teams to monitor and manage online activity. I was most interested in establishing my reputation as a professional blogger.

While I am familiar with keywords and how to incorporate them into my blog posts, I found great advice on building an SEO foundation for my site, which also involves incorporating my top five key words on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well. Tips on writing for my blog are always of interest and this book is chock full of them. The author covers tips on how to create effective  blog titles, to repurpose blog content, to create editorial schedules and to incorporate guest posts into my blog. The chapter on discovering and inspiring brand evangelists is very interesting. In my case, these are the folks that read, comment on generally like (I hope) me. This chapter explores recognizing and identifying true influence and using cool new tools for rating influence.

While this book covers much more than I’ve touched upon here (like how to manage a crisis that effects your online reputation) the biggest lesson to managing one’s reputation online is being proactive! This book is an excellent place to jump right in and navigate the waters of your online journey.

Amanda Tippit
Amanda Tippit


“I have to say that this book is becoming more and more essential as social media advances. We’ve seen many disasters last year with brands regarding their reputations due to social media backlash. As the internet finds new ways to communicate and access individuals en masse, so must brand’s (and small businesses) evolve their goals to handle situations that they may not be accustomed to.