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  • Black Friday Sale on Magnetic Marketing Course

    This only happens once a year!

    What would this world be like if every heart-centered person in the Healing Arts were able to share their skills with much bigger audiences, both on google and in social media? 

    With all my heart I’m delighted to be able to share my signature Magnetic Marketing course to up to a hundred people at a greatly reduced of $97 (you’ll be saving $200, down from $297) this Thanksgiving week. 

    We need each and every radiant one of you to shine brighter online. Right now. 

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    Much love,

    Lori 💕

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  • Making Lives Better: How To Get Help

    considering well-being for allHi there!

    Hope you are well. It’s been a while since I’ve written a good, old-fashioned, down home blog post that makes a difference. And that’s what this is all about for me and you, too, I expect, because you wouldn’t be attracted to my work if you weren’t also vitally interested in making lives better!

    So here’s a question via on old friend yesterday.

    With all the hurricanes, fires, and the shooting in Las Vegas (I was there,) there are plenty of people who need financial help in order to recover. It can be hard to garner attention for these legitimate, worthy causes. So here’s my friend’s particular question and my answer. I hope there’s something here for you! <3

    Hey Lori, hope this message finds you well. I’m writing on behalf of one of my ___ colleagues, a terrific guy named ______, who has found himself in a very tough spot and asked me to reach out for help to anyone I thought might be able to offer ideas. His wife, ____, has been going through a brutal fight with breast cancer, and she and Ken have decided to seek alternative treatment. To that end, they’re trying to come up with the necessary funds, and have put together a fund-raising drive on an internet crowdfunding site called You can read her story there.

    The reason I thought of you is that I know you’re the master of social media, and I was wondering whether you had any advice for Ken and Gloria on how they might disseminate word of their fund-raising project. Thanks for your consideration, and talk with you soon. Dan

    Hi Dan! Sorry for this tragic news. Their best bet is to reach out to Influencers on Social Media who have a connection to them. Facebook and Instagram Stories are particularly hot right now. They could even do a Facebook Live event (with plenty of promotion beforehand). And lastly, I can’t overstate how crucial it is for first hand people to share how much these people make their lives better.

    lighting a candle

    I just want to wrap up by telling you how vitally important it is to share how these affected people make life better for the people in their lives. That’s what warms people’s hearts and motivates their compassion, often more so than tragic details, however accurate.

    [clickToTweet tweet=”Suffering repels most people; Beauty of character magnetizes. ” quote=”Suffering repels most people; Beauty of character magnetizes. “]


    What do you think? Have you been affected by any of these latest wild events? Please scroll to the bottom and tell me your story!

    Considering how to help