So excited!

Beth Barton, long time publisher of the Cherokee Rose Press Real Estate Magazine – Homes For Sale approached me recently to see if they could publish an announcement of Social Media Design in their two print magazines that cover over seven counties!! To add to my astonishment, she then asked me if it would be OK if she announced my Social Media Consulting and Web Design services to her very extensive list of influential followers. As you can well imagine, I said YES!

How did this happen?

I went to a local networking group meeting that she did not attend, but was a member of.  We then met through our interactions on Facebook.  In a private message she asked me to tell her more about myself and we ended up having LOTS in common. Would this have happened without engaging in Social Media? It’s unlikely because she lives miles and miles away.  But we knew 1 person in common and both of us engage in Social Media Marketing. This is all it took for us to get to meet in a meaningful way. What are you doing today to get to know interesting people and potential business contacts via Social Media?