I’m putting it all on the line to say something that might shock some…

Professional networking on Facebook doesn’t require a stiff upper lip.

It’s a communication medium that started in colleges over 7 years ago. I signed up while (back) in college 6 years ago. It’s about sociability, sharing and FUN. Five hundred million people signed up because it’s FUN.

Studies show that people learn more, relax more, and are happier when they’re having FUN.

If we can infuse noble purpose with fun then that makes us smart, not frivolous.

Will a stiff upper lip really win you friends and expand your message? I don’t think so. People don’t care about what you know until they know that you care.

What Pages Gone Wild isn’t:

-A grand plan to score sales via some metric based on number of likes
-A grand marketing scheme where money is exchanged
-A formal marketing proposition for any brand. I did it for free.

What Pages Gone Wild is:

-A wild plan to meet, like, and get to know each other via our news feeds.
-A generous boost to pages just starting out who could use a confidence booster in this recovering economy
-A FUN experiment!

Having fun with Facebook networking is like going to a cocktail party.

You never know who will click and make friends or do business together. But if you never throw a party those people will never meet. People have joined in from the Netherlands, The U.K., Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Canada, the U.S. and more. What fun!!

Have a friend with a Facebook Page who could use some support? Please share this with them. 🙂