Most of us aren’t blessed with lean, lithe email inboxes. We have to battle them down every day. Most of us have more than one.

How is a busy professional to find time to keep their mailbox fit while taking care of business? I don’t have all the answers but I can offer you this precious, timely little tip:

Update your Facebook Notification Settings!

Sexy, right? Thought you’d agree. Facebook just reset this feature, so you’ll be getting a LOT more notification emails unless you take action as soon as possible.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to the upper right corner of your profile where it says “Account.”
  2. Click on “Account Settings.”
  3. Look for the “Notifications” tab (third over) and click it.
  4. There’s a huge list here of potential mailbox poundage. Uncheck all you can live without. When you log in to Facebook you’ll see them anyway.
  5. “SAVE CHANGES” at the bottom of the page.

Don’t you feel better now?

Have friends or colleagues with overflowing mailboxes? Please share this with them before the new Facebook settings overwhelm!

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