Reputation Alchemy: “Offering and Teaching the Art and Science of Creating a Strong, Beautiful Reputation on Google and Social Media.”

These days online Reputation is a Number One Priority.

Before saying yes to our business proposals or going out together on a Friday night, everybody in powerful positions is Googling your business (and you personally) or searching for you on Facebook/Instagram before taking one more step in your direction.

hello lovely reputation alchemyWho’s telling your story?

How do you look on Google, Facebook, or Instagram? Is it a random mishmash of whatever floated to the top, including things that don’t tell a true story? Or is it something vibrant, positive and powerful that deeply reflects who you really are you at your best?

I help groups and individuals to redefine and establish themselves in a world of artificial intelligence, a world of search engines that learn from what’s getting a lot of clicks and views, but aren’t built to fact check the story about you that they’re creating for the world to see.

People generally feel compelled to believe what they see in writing. Let’s fix what they’re seeing.

I’m thrilled to announce Magnetic Marketing Workshops!

Both live and online, for groups and individuals, as well as deeply detailed, yet hugely fun readings where I give you the keys to create your own particular brand of magnificence online for yourself (and provide a recording afterward).


My team of experienced, top-notch professionals provide:black white rose gold desktop Reputation Alchemy

Reputation Restoration, a measurable make-over that anybody can see as we go, since it’s online!

Focused SEO campaigns.

Full spectrum branding, design, and copywriting services, as well as deep analytics that offer guidance and support for any campaign.


Let’s talk about how we can help you get the positive attention your brand deserves!


Lori Randall Stradtman Mindful Tech

Book a refreshing, deeply detailed, game plan session with me (recording included).

"Thank you so much, Lori!

Your unique approach to help me with my branding consistent throughout social media. You perceived my needs and made it easy to make changes.

My branding shines thanks to you!"