Lori's reading was informative, exciting and very thorough! I highly recommend her! She is extremely knowledgeable, and the readings and advice were down to earth. Her reading gave me great insight into this next phase in my career.

Heather Ann Ryland, Wheels Of Light Healing Tweet

Lori combines her intuition with a potent reading of the stars, to give you detailed specifity and interpretation of your chart. She does such a good job of explaining simply such a complex interpretation, filled with many insights of self exploration. I highly recommend her to be your astrologer.

Sarah Tarpley Graves, Sugar Magnolia Massage Tweet

Book a refreshing, deeply detailed, game plan session with me (recording included).


I just had a wonderful reading! If you have an interest in astrology, symbolism, intuitive readings, I highly recommend a session with Lori. 

I feel sooooo good! Reassured, reminded, encouraged.”

Jessica Maddrey