How to sell art online is a magnetic marketing course

Creating a clear, joyful marketing plan
via practical knowledge & benevolent alchemy

Who’s it for?

* Artists
* Healers
* Small Business Owners
* Aspiring Agents of Benevolence of Any Kind
* Curious Investigators of Higher Intention

This is a spiritually aligned, higher octave kind of experience where we will be exploring a practical understanding of powerful digital marketing, including:

* Branding
* Rising To The Top On Google
* Copywriting
* Blogging
* Social Media as an Energetic Medium
* eCommerce
* Creating Resonant Community

We’ll be exploring a practical understanding and alchemizing it with benevolent higher intelligence, resulting in a clear, joyful plan of action for YOU.

Who is Lori?

Lori Randall Stradtman is a published author in social media marketing, selling over 100,000 copies world-wide and interviewed by top publications such as Forbes, Kiplingers, and Consumer Reports.

She has personally helped hundreds of small business owners to ramp up their social media marketing effectiveness and pleasure, often intuiting subtle or surprising shifts that dramatically unlock their potential online.

A Warm Welcome in How To Sell Your Art Online Course
How To Sell Art Online: A Warm Welcome

This one-of-a-kind course features

  • Market and sell your art or artistic service
  • Craft a strong voice, online and offline
  • Identify your best social platforms
  • Attract your kind of people
  • Drive tons of traffic your way
  • Create a strong personal brand
  • Sell more art than you dreamed possible
  • Enjoy your journey as much as the destination

lori randall stradtman social media design press interviews

How To Sell Art Online Course Pricing

“Motivation is a lot like showering. It’s useful, but it doesn’t last,
so you need to repeat it often.”
Zig Ziglar


$87 Yearly

Unlimited Private Community Support During and After You Complete the Course

Personal Course Help

Turbo-charged Visibility

Grounded CONFIDENCE and 20 Minute Targeted Consulting With Me

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$287 Yearly

Unlimited Access for up to 5 Team Members – Huge Value!

Can be a Team of up to 5 Friends Instead of a Business

Group Strategy On Steriods

Grounded CONFIDENCE AND 50 Minute, Targeted Team Consulting With Me

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Signed Up? Welcome!!

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How To Sell Art Online: Course Outline

Module 1 An Introduction to Art Marketing
Are you ready to begin your art inspired, creative visibility marketing course? shine brighter than you ever have before? Before you can sell your own art online, we should make a baseline assessment. Sit back, relax and let me tell you a story…
Unit 1 How To Sell Art Online: Welcome Video
Unit 2 How To Sell Your Art Online Checklist
Module 2 How To Sell Art Online – Branding
Learn how to get on course with branding yourself online and offline. This module will teach you how to get inspired and what to do with it when you have it. I will teach you the time honored creative process known as the branding board. In addition, I will point out the best platforms to use and which platforms were designed for YOU.
Unit 1 Intro to Branding
Unit 2 Video: Your Personal Branding
Unit 3 Branding Task
Unit 4 Branding Action Checklist and Download
Unit 5 Art Branding Q&A: How’s It Going?
Unit 6 Meditation For Branding
Module 3 SEO
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method of optimizing your content and platforms for search engines so you can be found for keywords, products, services and more. In your case, I will guide you through marketing your art with SEO. When you are done watching the video, comment on the video with a description of your work, a link to your website and a link to How to Sell Art Online(link)
Unit 1 Welcome to SEO For Artists
Unit 2 Video: Your People Are Searching For You
Unit 3 Your Second SEO Task
Unit 4 SEO Checklist
Unit 5 SEO Q&A: How’s It Going?
Unit 6 Meditation for SEO
Module 4 Copywriting For Artists
Welcome to copywriting for artists. In this module we will touch back upon SEO and branding and how it relates to copywriting. Whether you are a good writer or not, you are the best person to represent you. So, how will you do it? Check out the first unit…
Unit 1 Welcome to Copywriting For Artists
Unit 2 Video: Copywriting For Digital Media
Unit 3 Copywriting For Artists Action Checklist and Download
Unit 4 Copywriting Q&A: How’s It Going?
Unit 5 Meditation for Copywriting
Module 5 Blogging
Hi! Welcome to module five, blogging. One of my all-time favorite words! Pulling together branding, copywriting and SEO should bring you to the next step: your website / blog. Art blogging give you an amazing opportunity to sell your art online, showcase your talents and give some context to your art. This will be a tough module, it requires all of the previous knowledge you learned from the previous modules and for you to put them into action. Welcome to blogging!
Unit 1 Welcome To Blogging For Artists
Unit 2 Video: Let’s Go Blogging
Unit 3 Blogging Action Checklist and Download
Unit 4 Blogging Q&A: How’s It Going?
Unit 5 Blogging Meditation
Module 6 Partying with Social Media Marketing
How to sell your art online social media marketing
Unit 1 Welcome to Social Media For Artists
Unit 2 Video: Social Media For Artists
Unit 3 Social Media Marketing: Q&A: How’s It Going?
Unit 4 Social Media Meditation
Module 7 E-commerce for artists
What is e-commerce? let’s begin at the beginning. Way back to the 1530’s from middle French commerce from Latin commerce which means trade trafficking which, I find interesting. E-commerce first became a thing in 1998 from electronic email and commerce so this is still really new…
Unit 1 Welcome to Marketing (eCommerce) For Artists
Unit 2 Video: To Market!
Unit 3 eCommerce For Artists Action Checklist and Download
Unit 4 eCommerce Q&A: How’s It Going?
Unit 5 Meditation For Marketing (eCommerce)
Module 8 Artist Community
Welcome to module eight, community support. This is the secret sauce that gives you the ability to grow fast, prosper and have a solid reputation… Lets get right into creating your own art community! Your online art community can be anything from pinterest and facebook to forums and message boards. This video will guide you through setting your intention (as always ) and into the etymology of the word “support”.
Unit 1 Welcome to Online Community For Artists
Unit 2 Video: Straight Up Social Media Marketing With A Twist
Unit 3 Creating Online Art Community Action Checklist and Download
Unit 4 Support Community Q&A: How’s It Going?
Unit 5 Community Meditation
Module 9 In Closing
We hate to see you go! But, we have a parting gift for you!
Unit 1 Welcome To Our Final Module – And Bonus Time!
Unit 2 Video: Warm Well Wishes and… Bonuses!!
Unit 3 Daily Guided Meditations
Unit 4 Congratulations!!