It’s Christmas in June!

After having illuminating discussions with MaAnna Stephenson, Tech Goddess Extraordinaire AND my Network Engineering Tech Genius to Bill Gates (seriously) Hubby, AND reading more than enough from top level research sites online… I’ve got important news for Bloggers.

  • Is your site acting buggy though you’ve made no changes to it?
  • Is it dragging and taking forever to load though you’ve made no changes to it?
  • Is it denying you permissions for simple stuff though you’ve made no changes to it?

My friends…

Your site might be hacked.

But why would mean Chinese hackers be interested in my little book or business site? They aren’t. But they’re mighty interested in getting at your hosting service and have developed cute little plugins with malicious code and more to gain back door entry into your site.

The Fix

Aside from wishing on a star or clicking your heels three times like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, I’m afraid the only real option is to get somebody to change your hosting over to the 2 known companies who aren’t screwed up: HostGator and Bluehost.

The trick is you can’t just use the one click happy fix. You need a pro to hook it up manually for you.

Some Good News

MaAnna, a true Tech Goddess who loves nothing more than to write Code, will hook you up for free if you use her affiliate link to the hosting service. Not bad, eh? I was pretty overjoyed when we discussed this yesterday. She still gets paid, but from the affiliate link. You get her services for free.

It’s like Christmas in June.

Do yourself a favor. Get fixed up before your site disappears! I got lucky marrying a Techno-Genius who’s been hooking these things up for me and my clients. So if you’re one of my many design clients you can rest easy. Everybody else, contact MaAnna!

It’s more effective than doing this: