Whether you’ve just jumped into this series or you’ve been creating your awesome Google+ profile step by step with us, you’ll want to know:

What are some interesting uses for Sparks?

Researching a book

One of the greatest things about social media is the phenomenal amount of content generously shared by smart people. Take advantage of this. If you are a paranormal suspense writer, how cool would it be to create a paranormal suspense spark and see what comes in every day? You are only limited by your imagination.


Tracking a conference

Let’s say you’re going to aspects S&W in March and you want to see discussions about this event, meet new people who are going, and find out about room deals, car rentals, or just great workshops to attend. Create a spark and let Google do the work for you.

Need a Google+ invite? Here’s one from me to you. 🙂


Gorgeous photography

I’m astonished by the amazing professional photography that I’m seeing on Google plus. I have an entire circle devoted to professional photographers because I can’t take my eyes off of their work. It’s also fun to share this content on other networks sometimes, particularly Tumblr.  by saving a spark like  “landscape photography” I can then quickly browse my favorite one that day and share it to a circle of my friends or family or even professional photographers so that they can meet someone new in their  area of professional expertise.


Buying a new computer

Especially when there’s a new gadget or popular computer out there, it’s awfully nice to let Google plus to the research for you or at least begin your search. It never hurts to hear candid word-of-mouth from real people using real products. Let them share their experiences with you. Has to be a lot more informative than just trusting the salesperson on the floor the day you go to shop. Have fun with it.

How will you be using sparks? Please scroll down to the comments section and share for an A+!

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