Picture of Templeton from Charlottes Web
Credit to Collin FatRat Deviant Art


I’ve made a terrible mistake these past 7 years or so…

There’s an unspoken rule in social media whereby we share all the best, the brightest, the most fun, and hide gory details like a shameful family secret.

Thing is, that’s not real. It’s not authentic. And it’s certainly not relatable!

We don’t trust people we can’t relate to. Search your feelings, Luke. You know it to be true.

All this applies to how you manage your reputation.

If the worst happens, if you’re BP Oil and there’s just been an another Gulf of Mexico spill, don’t hide behind massive PR boosts about how fabulous your company is. Tell them the truth about what’s happening and what you’re doing about it.

Tell it like it is, rats and all.

P.S. About those rats…

For all of you who think I lead a charmed, fabulous life, free from responsibility, here’s a little snapshot into the other part of the story:

Three days before I was scheduled to fly back to London, I suddenly discovered catastrophe in two family dwellings. One story is private, but the other involves rats, roof rot, mold, abandoned clutter, and major repairs. (See how I used a little alliteration here? Love that stuff.) Oh yes, and it nearly exploded because of a swollen, steaming water heater with the gas pilot light still on underneath… And then there was the sudden gas meter leak outside that nearly blew while I slept.

I just had business cards made with Vegas (my new home address at that minute) and London as my locations. It was all true when it had them made.

Now I live and work from this (no longer) rat infested house in the woods in Georgia. The leaky roof is patched. The mold is no longer in evidence, though my hair is shedding at a record pace. I keep hoping this mysterious new rash on my neck will disappear. Am decluttering, designing, and delegating as fast as I can. I forget to eat.

But it’s worth it. Confronting issues (as with reputation) instead of running away from them brings lasting rewards.

Will I return to London? You bet. It’s just going to take longer. And I’ll have the most magnificent nest to return to anytime I want.

Sometimes a reputation refresh takes a little time, a little work. Sometimes it takes a lot. But it’s worth it. If you don’t have your good name, what do you have?

The first step is to Google your name. Start there and roll up your sleeves if you need to do a little work. It’s worth it.

Got questions? I’m here.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to load up the car with another load for GoodWill. Decluttering is good for the soul.