Millon pound vibrator, honestly
That’s no scepter! Or is it?

Still think you’re too “weird?”

I’m not here to discuss the practicality of this regal vibrator, nor to wonder what at their sales figures, but I do have to say that Alison Bradford certainly knows how to get attention online!

When Forbes unabashedly writes up your sex toy and prominently features it online, you have to be doing something right, or at least spectacular!

I wouldn’t advise you to launch your own line of saucy sex toys unless it’s your cherished dream, but I love how this woman decided to be intrinsically outrageous with her life and her business!!

Our most powerful ideas often leave us quivering in apprehension, lest we let on just how 'weird' we really are!Click To Tweet

It’s where our greatest power lies, both online and in person.

There’s the divine spark, that instrument in the universal orchestra, that unique bit of wonderfully wild, weird YOU that’s the seed for all the strategy and heart-filled flow that must come afterward in order for your most magnificent self to fully manifest in the world.

What’s your wildest, most wonderful, “if they only knew I’m that weird” kind of thing that you would love to explore, if you knew it would work?

Oh come on! Let’s play with re-imagining it as a marketing idea. It’s certainly working for Alison!

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