“My sense of it is, it’s not because they enjoy warm and fuzzy social interaction and they think oh, this would be a really wonderful way to bring our friends together and build a social circle. They look at it and say, “the information created in social networks is extremely important and valuable. If we don’t have access to that information, Google will be less valuable as an information source.”

Douglas Edwards, author of The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59


This is how I feel about engaging on Google+, though there are many interesting developments that cause me to warm towards it, such as hangouts and the ability to shape circles more easily than the now traditional lists on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Maybe I’m prejudiced.

I got involved on Facebook and MySpace back in 2005 as a returning, full-time college student. As an editor on the school paper it was survival, but I learned to love the genuinely social interaction and sharing. It was fun. Now people get so strategic about their interaction that it can suck the fun right out of the network, which makes me cringe inside.

For those of you, like me, who treasure the ability to channel information flow a little more discreetly and wonder about how to engage on Google + in a more informed way, this one’s for you!

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