Pinterest is where I go when I want to connect with cool people online and share

clever, fun, interesting, creative, or simply beautiful images.

Lots of my blogging buddies show up there with the coolest of taste and I get to know them in a fresh way. I get to see into their imaginary closets and kitchens. I get to share design ideas for my fantasy log cabin in Boulder, Colorado, but that’s another story. 😉

Many of these accomplished friends are authors and host a little board that says “Great Books.” Maybe their book is included. This is cool. Writing a book is a big part of somebody’s life. It’s OK to be happy about it and to share.

Even in a swanky cocktail, spam is tasteless
Spam is tasteless... even in a swanky cocktail.

Some people, however, in a misguided attempt at marketing are sleazing the masses by hosting a bunch of spammy pics linking back to their blog posts where they’re selling something of questionable value. No worries. I just refuse to follow them so I don’t have to get irritated in the middle of our fun-fest.

Whether you’re into crochet critters, race cars, fuzzy dogs, design, or up-scale geekery, you’ll find it on Pinterest. But please, don’t follow the spam-a-lots. It encourages them.

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