Remember how it felt to be a teenager and interested in romance? You were young and probably just a little awkward when it came to relating to other people in a romantic way. Some people, like me, were shy and didn’t express their interest very much, if at all, for fear of rejection. We never came forward and expressed our wishes.  Others came on strong, probably because of fear of rejection also!  It was really rare to see somebody in high school who understood that the best approach seeing somebody special – dating – is at a pace that feels natural and not forced.

Social Media Marketing is the same way!!

Recently while paging through a favorite book, Frederic Fekkai’s A Year of Style, and noticed how spot on his dating advice is for persuasively marketing your company via Social Media.  Here is his list and how it applies:

The Rules of Romance

– Don’t go out of your way to be controversial. (Stay authentic.)

– When you talk, don’t just fill the hole in conversation; add something of substance.

– Don’t lie about your accomplishments.

– Don’t pretend to be cool.  (Being real is a lot more interesting.)

The other tips don’t make a lot of sense here, particularly the one about wearing the same fragrance every time: leaving your mark with a scented signature.  I guess the only thing I can say there about that is that your branding should be be appealing – and consistent!

How do you keep the romance alive with your Social Media messaging?

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