Are you a business owner who’s looking to expand your presence online?

If so, then do you know who your people really are? It’s critical to your success. Many of your competitors know who their people are and intentionally appeal to them. Maybe you’d like to have more business? Then figure out who your people are.


How discovering who your people are made a dramatic difference:

Years ago I was lucky enough to create an upscale specialty retail boutique in the cute, arty downtown business district, the kind area that gets written up in business magazines and held up as an example to other downtowns trying to recapture the charm and gentility they held in a bygone era. Competition was intense because real estate was very expensive and parking was scarce.

Though I spent more than I care to admit on traditional advertising methods like many kinds of print ads, radio and TV spots, NOT ONE SALE came in from those ads. I know, I was tracking them!! When you’re selling excruciatingly cute home décor, candles, soaps and specialty items, it takes a lot of sales to cover just one print ad, let alone all the overhead expenses.

I was getting desperate.

Though there was certainly a learning curve happening, nothing really gave me that traction to get increased growth until I discovered who my people were.

I thought they were the hundreds of childbirth education students who loved me and wanted me to carry cute baby/Mom items and gifts, but I was very mistaken.  They could only afford so much and getting out of the house with a new baby is a treat, not a habit.  My dearest customers ended up being well to do Grandmothers and guys looking to get something nice for their wives in a hurry.  They were my bread and butter customers and I spoiled them with special, value added services and specials.

It wasn’t until

A dear and wonderful stranger at a Wholesale market gave me the best business idea ever for that time: Get a notebook and put it up at the cash register. Everytime somebody buys something ask them if they’d like to be put on your mailing list.

(Tomorrow I tell you what I did with that magic list.)

Do you know who your people are? There’s no time like right now to get started figuring it out, because your competition is already thinking about it!