• Ajit “Artful Dodger” Bails on CES 2018 in new Twist

    Ajit “Artful Dodger” Bails on CES 2018 in new Twist A few weeks ago, in an historic selling out of the Information Age as we know it, Agit, Artful Dodger to his friends, Pai willfully ignored the unanimous advice of the world’s most respected network architects and torpedoed the time-honored, level playing field structure of […]

  • A “Tail” of Reputation Building

    Cute Kid on Pinterest wearing a pink and lavender knitted mermaid tail

    Mermaid Tail Patterns have everything to do with building a Reputation online, because they’re emblematic of the very same process!

  • Knitting Badassery

    Stephen West MKAL_7_medium2

    Speaking of all things Merfolk… We were, weren’t we? Last time we chatted about Merman Sven’s saucy little romp with all things Merfolk and he is making quite a splash online! Today I want to talk about Mermaids and the animated, exciting world of knitting online. Wait… Did I lose you? You don’t think knitters […]