• Thanksgiving Weekend Reflections

    As Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close and I head home, I’m reflecting on memories. Most are heart-warming, some devastating, and still more kind of hilarious.  How is it that we can pack in so many deep-seated emotions while coming together as a family?  Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to a long bubble bath and these […]

  • The Truth About Dogs and Babies


    Dogs and Babies? What IS it about dogs that can melt our hearts into puddles of adoration? They have whiskers. They often have bad breath. They have jowls. Some don’t even have teeth. And yet something about them captivates us. Actress Helen Mirren says “It’s like, this is me and that’s all I am and […]

  • Love Your Goat

    Bully Hill Love The Goat Wine Label

    It was a magical end to an already powerful and affirming reading. I got to see and understand this amazing person who entrusted me with her chart, how it’s working out for her so far, and she received total affirmation for her deepest inclinations and situations. She said she felt deeply seen and heard, even […]