• Here Comes The Sun: Pisces 2019

    Some feelings that might accompany this month long transit for spiritual business owners might include feeling SHY, maybe even a little unrealistic, or worse yet, self-pitying, yet there’s also the power for risk-taking and reimagining the kind of business we want to cultivate.

  • BBC Sound Effects For Free

    woman sitting at desk with a microphone

    If so, I’m thrilled to announce a treasure trove of over 80,000 FREE sound clips from the BBC’s coveted sound library. 

  • Authenticity is IN more than ever in 2019

    Rubber ducky and real duckling

    So, please, if you’ve been shy about putting yourself out there online because you haven’t gotten it perfect yet, please take this as my sincere invitation to come on out here with the rest of us deeply imperfect souls and have fun with us!!