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Where’s Your Crisis Management Strategy?

Ben Franklin said

“An Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

I say

“An ounce of prevention prevents a pounding online!”

Take, for example, Dominos pizza:

it was Easter Sunday 2009. Few customers were calling the Domino’s Pizza franchise in Conover, North Carolina. The kitchen staff had time to kill. Bored, and armed with a smart phone, two employees shot a little YouTube of themselves doing totally gross things to food and laughing while pretending to box it up for waiting customers.

Their video went viral on YouTube like a flu epidemic.

Bloggers raced to tell it first, each with their own angle. Soon it was all over Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This social media riot of epic proportions took shape in just a few hours on everybody’s day off…

Fast Forward to Today

In a world where what the Kardashians eat for breakfast makes for television programming or where everything from yoga classes on college campuses to what kind of coffee you drink is “controversial,” any little thing can evoke crisis within hours.

Too often something crazy happens somewhere in the world or within a business and chaos erupts online because there’s no backup plan to follow. Nobody is the designated decision maker or, worse yet, nobody in charge has even thought through what they would do if the worst happens. How can you bring order to a complicated situation in the midst of crisis?

It’s better to have a fire drill plan.

[caption id="attachment_7208" align="alignleft" width="300"]School children in Borneo practicing a fire drill What’s Your Online Crisis Fire Drill Plan?
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Many needlessly wring their hands while their online house goes up in flames on Google.

You Can Protect Yourself

Effective online reputation is much more than a fabulous website, graphics, or a catchy tag line. It’s a sound network structure and contingency plans for worst case scenarios, complete with who-does-what-when in case of emergency.

When a tower is burning down, there’s no time for a series committee meetings deciding who’s going to bring the water and whether it should be filtered or not.

Every minute counts!


Increasingly digital news organizations race to post the most inflammatory, exciting stories possible, often without checking their facts, which only fans the flames.

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Clear thinking/planning is much easier when there’s no crisis!

Is your brand ready to face sudden wildfire? If not, I’d like to help you create a Crisis Management Plan.

I can come to your home office for an afternoon, take charge and guide this process efficiently. Typically we meet in person, “off campus” in a relaxed setting, and knock out a Crisis Backup Plan. Together, decision makers in Legal, Marketing, Insurance, etc., and brainstorm worst case scenario plans of action, including who does what, and basic strategies that can be accessed immediately by all the right people, filed online under “Just In Case.”

Everybody sleeps better, knowing there’s a priceless fire drill evacuation plan in place.

Interested in having me help you create an Online Crisis Management Strategy? Contact me here.