Do you have a custom Twitter background?

If so, then you might be a lot like my friend and client Claire Wagner, who just got New Twitter last night and received a rude awakening! The background I did for her this summer that she loves so much is now all messed up by the new formatting!!

What to do?

Researched it down and discovered this lovely, generous gem by Thomas Marzano. In it he took a screen shot of his own New Twitter and analyzed it as best as possible for the rest of us!

Here’s the Nitty Gritty so far –

  • New center column is twice the width of the old design. That makes it 2040 pixels wide! (Consider that new Facebook Page specs are 520 pixels wide … Wow!
  • Find a template with guides created on a 1440 x 900 pixel screen resolution, using Firefox
  • You get about 190 pixels left on each site to use for creativity

So if you have a background that goes to 200 pixels wide (like all of mine did) then it’s going to look very funny! In a very not funny way. 🙁

Busy and don’t want to fiddle with your Twitter background? Contact me and I’ll make you a new one! It’s one of the lesser known little goodies in my bag of tricks.

Have a lovely!!

LoriNew Twitter

Oooh! More and much clearer info on the new Twitter specs was posted on my Facebook Page just this morning by the wise and very charming Chris Eh Young. Want more nitty gritty details? Go here.