Did you ever notice that some really nice people just don’t get dates? They’ve got nice manners, maybe even a great physique.  They’re reasonably bright and yet nobody seems to have time for them.  It’s not that they’re not nice …

They just don’t get noticed in a way that provokes a strong reaction.

It’s the same way with brands and marketing!

Nice Is Boring!!

Most unnoticed brands are pretty nice.  They’ve got good enough manners, maybe even a terrific product, but nobody really knows or appreciates what they have to offer, except that it sure is nice and maybe it would be interesting to buy something from them some day.  Maybe.

Unless something more compelling comes along that inspires.

You’ve got to connect with that something in your brand that makes your heart pound and gets your creative energies flowing.  And take some risks with that message because you believe in it so passionately.  If it doesn’t excite you then look for something that does! We only get one ticket on this ride we call life.  And it’s too short to settle for inferior branding.

As with so many things, forcing the issue doesn’t often yield desirable, long lasting success.  You’ve got to take some risks to let people know who you are and that what you have to offer is unique and in limited supply. If it’s any good, it usually is!

How inspiring would “Born to be Wild” have been if they’s played it safe and instead written “Born to be Mild” about some wimply scooter ride to the Jiffy Mart?”

Do you agree or is it better to play it safe? Enquiring minds want to know!! 😉


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