Online Reputation Management For Dummies

Online Reputation Management For Dummies

It was just meant to be.

Within a month of publication it made it up to the #2 spot in Public Relations, a jealously guarded category. Major newspapers and magazines continue to seek me for interviews on how people can create a strong personal brand.

Many thanks to Wiley Publishing! Asking me to write about Online Reputation Management meant learning a lot more about the nuts and bolts of how the Internet actually works, including privacy and security issues. I got to interview two actual founders of the Internet itself: Karl Auerbach and David Steele, among other distinguished and famous experts in their fields.

I had to dive deep into technical issues and learn how to think like a software engineer, even though my degree is in Communications. It was the perfect preparation, even though I had no idea why I was immersing myself so deeply into technology and, to my great surprise, enjoying it immensely.

My father was in Computer Science in the late 60’s. He actually wore a pocket protector to work every day. I like to think he would be proud.

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