What Makes Me Feel Alive

For my birthday this year, I splurged on one of the happiest and most illuminating weeks of my entire life.

I went surfing.

In case you don’t know me, I passed my 30th birthday some time ago and haven’t looked back. There’s so much adventure to be had right now!

Doing something that makes me feel that ALIVE changed everything. Like my decision to open my Online Marketing School to share all the secrets I’ve developed over the years to make waves online. Oh, the metaphors never end with surfing! I swear it’s true and would love to tell you about in person. And to show you the scandalous tattoo that I got to remind myself of the lessons I learned every single day.

So I’m sharing. 

This gallery shows how I feel when I’m in the surf: deliciously alive.

What makes YOU feel deliciously alive?! If you’re ready to make the move to take your passion online, sign up to learn more about my Online Marketing School. You’ll never be the same. Just like me and surfing. There’s no substitute for doing what lights you up.