Holy Bat Flaps!!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know I’m a Dummies author. Online Reputation Management For Dummies comes out next month.  And you probably picked up on my Bill the Cat vibe as I went from Online Reputation Noob to Expert, all in 1 easy year. Sort of. 🙂

From now on

I am devoting more of my time to learning to speak Spanish better (mine sucks since college), getting into better shape, and dying my hair new and interesting colors. So far, I’m more blonde than not.

But my serious passion is protecting and nurturing new media,

which includes social media networks and blogging. I’ll continue to share my take on all the latest and greatest industry news, but I’m diving deeper down the rabbit hole into where new media is going and how you can best position yourself to participate in it safely and profitably.

Some friends might say you can’t make money online,

but I believe that you can indeed make money online if you have a genuine service/product that happens to maintain a vibrant community online. I’ve done it and have friends who are doing it. You just can’t make money by playing underhanded tricks or naively participating in scams. That’s where my new slant comes in.

I’ve dug down the rabbit hole far enough to discover that online influencers need to be much more watchful about what kinds of links they share and products they recommend. There are all kinds of people out there taking advantage of new media in new and unsavory ways that can hurt innocent people. Now that the initial social media whoopee is over and Grandma’s got a Facebook profile, it’s time for influencers to hold to a higher degree of integrity than ever before, so that we can keep the playground safe for people and profitable for honest businesses.

That’s what I’m adding to the mix. As well as scratching out a few ideas on my next book, a steamy paranormal suspense story with scant literary value. It might take years to write, so I’ll keep that kind of stuff to myself. There is, after all, life after Dummies!!

But meanwhile, I want to wave hello, tell you how much I love you for sharing in this experiment with me, and hold out my hand to you to join me as we dig deeper down the rabbit hole of new media.