Are you longing for an iPad but haven’t gotten one yet?

At first I thought “Yeah, sure … ” and dismissed the idea. But despite its unfortunate name, I’m beginning to experience iPad cravings.  They started when I heard the little factoid that you can read books on them.  In any light. Without going blind.  That’s pretty exciting stuff for me, because I like to read while on the stationary bike, in bed, and on the road.  With the right purse to carry it in this could be pretty sweet.  It may well be the perfect travel companion for watching movies and keeping up with people without going blind trying to look at a smart phone.

The downside? As with every other product Apple rolls out, the first generation product tends to be expensive – and buggy.  I prefer to wait until the proverbial Christmas rush ends and pick up a better version at a better price later.

Still experiencing intense longing for an iPad?  This temporary upgrade pictured might get you through.  Besides, it comes with more applications. :p