A picture’s worth a thousand words.

If you want to speak to my brain directly, give me a picture that tells me the story or at least gets my interest going.

I have a wonderful time pulling together images that either spark or speak to the idea, the story I’m sharing.

Best of all, using captivating images that tell your story make it more memorable.

Consider the tale of Snow White.

The image of a Crone bearing ripe red apples etches itself powerfully into our collective mind’s eye. We realize that everything might not be as shiny and wonderful as it seems. We employ our critical thinking, lest we be persuaded into folly or worse. We proceed with caution.


Likewise, using an image of Willy Wonka’s famed golden ticket

might inspire us to excitement, wonder, a sense of mystery, and a willingness to set out on adventure into new territory.

What images can you be using to tell the story of your art, skill, or offering? Please share!


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