I predict...
I predict...

Since I’m one of their Staff Writers, I recently received a request from Social Media Examiner, that organization whose Facebook Fan Page alone grew from 1,000 fans to 25,000 in one year’s time, to answer this question in one short paragraph:

What’s your prediction for Social Media in 2011?

Here’s my response:

Social Media is still a novelty to many. Brands that beam content via Social Media like a TV commercial enjoy some success just because it’s new.  I see a huge shift in coming in 2011. I predict that mass media approaches will continue to run riot, but that mainstream people will develop a clear-eyed view on this murky subject and seek out unaffected, one-on-one communication that meets their desire to be heard, understood, and helped concerning what matters to them most.  Scripted answers from an outsourced “Social Media Department” won’t do. This dynamic will cause Brands that communicate like normal people (instead of infomercials) to rise above the babble and get noticed because they will be so rare.

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