Eleven years ago I created and ran an upscale specialty boutique with excrutiatingly cute home decor stuff, spa stuff (because I can’t resist), and a nice baby gift section.  Lessons learned there have been extraordinarily useful in learning about people. It’s helped with Social Media a lot, in fact. One thing that’s very different, though, is that

Some people talk very differently online than they do in person.

In fact, sometimes it can be a little like Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom!

Adventure and uncertainty abound.

The biggest difference is that

People can see others in line. understand about standard behavior.  On better manners most of the time.

Cyber – nobody sees any lines, people tend to be more adventurous with what they’ll say or do, and there is no standard protocol, though there have been many great suggestions!!

What adventures have you had online that could be included in a virtual Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom? Have all your interactions been tame? Please do tell!!

Wild Kingdom