Recently I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest speaker at the University of Georgia’s prestigious Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.  The subject was creating community in Social Media.

The class was full of bright, socially adept juniors and seniors.  Almost all of them are majoring in Public Relations and as such, must be very social media savvy in terms of professional use in order to succeed in their intended careers.

I was blown away when I realized that these college students who presumably know “all about” social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, aren’t nearly as familiar or comfortable with them as I had imagined.

According to an informal poll:

– All of the students were on Facebook.

– A couple or so of them maintained a blog

– Maybe a third had LinkedIn accounts, but none had a clear idea of how to use it to get noticed for jobs when they graduate

– About half had Twitter accounts, but they were only using them for social reasons.

They had no idea of how to translate their purely social experience of this medium into a more professional use, such as gathering or sharing information, despite their professor’s best efforts to educate and inspire them to do so.

So I decided to start a Twitter tutorial series for them and everybody else who’s uncomfortable with using Twitter for professional use.

Won’t you have a look? And please do share with your friends and business contacts who are longing to use Twitter to boost their careers, but have no idea of how to get started.  This video eases Social Media brain itch that can be caused by incorporating professional interests with small talk on Twitter. 😉



Brain Itch Remedy