betty-white-snlAlbert Einstein said that you don’t truly understand something unless you can explain it to your Grandma.einstein

He obviously understood something about Social Media and Blogging before his time, because this is the essence of great blogging, I believe, and I’m working hard on getting better at it every day.

Some very smart people, like my friend Neal Allen, “think in chapters.” He’s a technical genius and can explain the most arcane, cutting edge things in perfectly engineered detail, but for him the thought of crystallizing something into a simple blog post is daunting. He’s so brilliant that he’s a little unsure at the thought of cutting concepts into teeny little byte sized pieces. (sorry for the pun. It was bad and I know it…)

If my buddy Neal will start blogging as others in his industry are doing and focus his communication style into short posts that are simple enough for your Grandma to understand then he suddenly becomes a more powerful voice.  Because he knows what he’s talking about and can tell about it in simple terms.

Some tips on how to say it so Grandma understands:

  • Make it easy to see how it applies to her life.
  • Use pictures and/or video to show her what you mean.
  • Decide on one thing to say at a time and communicate it clearly.

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