Superstorm Sandy was one lowdown, nasty, er, um… Storm!

Lori Randall Stradtman holding Online Reputation Management For DummiesOnce upon a time last month

I went to New York for a delightfully swanky book launch party for my [amazon_link id=”1118338596″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Online Reputation Management For Dummies[/amazon_link] book that just became a bestseller on Amazon *insert joyful leaps and embarassing celebratory noises here.* It was a dream come true with champagne for everybody and high heels that didn’t make my feet hurt. Everybody’s energy was positively electric. The weather was divine. I left while the sun was shining and the aroma of freshly bagels was gently wafting on the breeze by Prospect Park. I took home a baker’s dozen for my family, jealously guarding them from spilling out on the airplane during takeoff.

And then a few days later nasty old Superstorm Sandy struck. If you were anywhere near a television or the internet during that time you saw the awful flooding, power outages, and the destruction that followed.


Superstorm Sandy's path
Photo credit: Wall Street Journal

Sandy left a trail of devastation in NYC area that still cries out for help with the very basics, like baby blankets, diapers, winter coats, etc. Some people lost almost everything and still don’t have power to keep warm.

If you’re like me, you really want to help

But maybe your checking account doesn’t have the kind of money in it right now that makes donating a lot of money easy. Maybe you don’t know what to do, but you’d really like to make a difference in the lives of these tough, amazing, inspiring New York people who just dealt with the unspeakable 11 years ago on September 11th. 

You CAN help right now.

Here’s the deal. 🙂 I’m creating a fundraising cookbook for the great people of New York and New Jersey who are affected by nasty old Sandy.

  • The American Red Cross gets 100% of the proceeds 
  • I’m giving full attribution to everybody who contributes. This means a link to your site and your name by your recipe or story.

The friend I stayed with in Brooklyn has a playful alter ego named “MeeMaw,” so in her honor I’m theming the cookbook “Tasteful, with a Side of Tacky.” It’s the recipes that our dear, imaginary, Cousin MeeMaw collected over the years before Superstorm Sandy washed them all away. 

Somebody (who’s asked to remain anonymous) actually sent me a tried and true family recipe for “Possum Stew.” I kid you not!

You don’t have to have field tested wildlife recipes, but anything remotely country or Southern will do. All slice of life stories and pictures are welcome, too!

Here are the submission guidelines:

  1. Write them up in MS Word or Pages.
  2. Send me a picture if you have one.
  3. Include a serving idea or story, especially if it’s funny. 🙂
  4. Include your name as you want it seen, and a link to your site.
  5. Email them to [email protected].
Possum cookie jar
Photo credit: Pixtus

The gang on Facebook

Has been contributing very generously and spreading the word far and wide. I’m inviting you to join us!!

Deadline for contributions is Wednesday evening,

so I can have a day or two to get everything formatted and ready for Saint Heather Claus, professional self-publishing, make-it-happen, genius. She does this stuff for pay all the time and is generously donating her amazing talent to this project. Thanks Saint Heather!!!!! (She actually goes by “Heather,” but I think “Saint Heather” is more appropriate here. It’s my blog. I get to do that kind of stuff.)

Got a recipe? Send it to me.

Got friends who are foodies or food bloggers? Send this to them!

Thank you!!